Social Media

Social Marketing

Interested in social media marketing and building buzz online using facebook, myspace, twitter and other leading social network websites?  You can instantly awaken and strengthen the community that visits your site by enriching it with various social features.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing or “word-of-mouth marketing” describes a unique and comprehensive strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence. The strategy is based on three phases of optimizing and monetizing the social behavior of your biggest fans. The phases must be implemented a precise order, or you run the risk of not only reducing the return on your social investment but also alienating your biggest asset your brand ambassadors.

Integrated Social Media Campaigns

We design and manage integrated social media strategies combining social networking resources like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with web applications, iPhone Apps, contests, text campaigns, microsites and of course, online video to generate buzz and brand awareness.

Social Networking Platforms

  • Youtube Channel Marketing
  • Facebook Fan Page creation, design and marketing
  • Twitter development and marketing
  • Social Apps
  • Quality Social Media engagement
  • Social Video

Social PR

  • Video PR
  • Personal branding and awareness building
  • Digital press releases including YouTube videos and storylines
  • Blog Outreach, targeted contact lists to spread your brand message